KLEIN’S has been established to become a leading partner, translating its client’s needs into high end luxury solutions, designed and advanced, while employing different systems in perfect synergy.
The house of KLEIN’S proudly displays its leading brands in a meticulously designed space, unique in its design perception, which holds its own even compared to leading European showrooms, and of course in Israel.
The house of KLEIN’S recently opened its new showroom in Herzliya Pituach.
The new showroom, which spans over hundreds of meters featuring designed spaces of interior kitchens, outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, spa and sauna systems, Wardrobes and libraries of leading European luxury brands, all under the same roof, in harmony and full synergy.

The company’s leading brands are Poggenpohl kitchens from Germany ,Binova kitchens from Italy and Outopia Outdoor Kitchens.
For a perfect bathing and spa experience, we collaborate with the leading brands Milldue Italians bathrooms, Altamara a boutique furniture brand for bathrooms with a wide range of modern and unique designs combined with accessories designed by leading designers from Italy. Carmenta a wellness company specializing in production of spa spaces and saunas for private houses and public projects. For an elegant design of the home or office we offer the Italian brand Albed with a variety of design solutions using advanced technologies for internal systems, including doors, partitions, walk-in wardrobes, and various storage solutions

The house of KLEIN’S showcases these leading brands, and other complementary premium systems, such as: unique bathroom and kitchens surfaces, leasing electrical appliances, different flooring solutions, advanced climate control systems by LG, smart house electronics and top range audio systems, and much more.
These top brands, some available in Israel for two decades, have been purchased by many of Israel’s business community, discerning clientele, and foreign residents who are familiar with the brands from abroad like White City residence. Also, hundreds of homeowners in Israel’s luxury towers such as Akirov, YOO Tel Aviv, Hashoftim G Tower, the Mamila project in Jerusalem and many more.

KLEIN’S company was founded by businessman Arik Klein, the Third generation family of industrialists and entrepreneurs, the owner of Emka, which controls several industrial enterprises and is engaged in real estate entrepreneurship in Israel and worldwide. Emka, that among the companies in its group is KLEIN’S, includes more than ten companies in Israel and Europe in the fields of industry, commerce and real estate, and employs about 250 employees.
Arik, the living spirit and visionary behind KLEIN’S, has decided to set up a company which will offer quality luxurious solutions, advanced and designed, emphasizing full value for money. This philosophy is a common thread throughout every aspect of the company, starting with the professional staff, through the imported solutions and complementary systems, the show room, quality of service and the choice of business partners. All these make up the unique KLEIN’S brand.

Launch of KLEIN’S design complex from channel 10