The outdoor kitchen brand OUTOPIA, marketed in Israel exclusively by Klein’s, has changed the rules of play in the manufacturing of outdoor kitchens, offering almost unlimited freedom in design, alongside innovative and advanced technological development that guarantees product quality and a variety of unique functional benefits.
OUTOPIA outdoor kitchens can be obtained in a wide range of models and in many sizes tailor-made to meet the requirements of each customer and suitable to every outdoor space. The kitchen façades can be designed in a variety of colors, materials, and textures. OUTOPIA understands customer preferences and always meets customer needs.
Every kitchen offers character and functionality just as an indoor kitchen does and includes hidden connectors for soft-closing doors, corner cabinets for deep pots, deep and low drawers, bottle drawers, silverware drawers and more. Complimentary products/accessories such as gas or charcoal grills, outdoor ovens, refrigerators, ice machines and more can be integrated in OUTOPIA’s outdoor kitchens.
OUTOPIA outdoor kitchens are manufactured using a unique technology that enables engineered structures and cabinets with concealed connectors that do not necessitate welding and that can withstand harsh weather.
OUTOPIA’s outdoor kitchens are an ideal combination of advanced technology, maximum functionality, impressive aesthetics and design flexibility.

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